Vascular Surgery Fellowship

Vascular Surgery Fellowship is a subdivision of the field of general surgery; therefore, all participants should be qualified as board certified general surgeons.



Program Description

Vascular surgery fellowship is a clinical course originating from general surgery. The graduates should gain enough knowledge, insight, and skills in diagnosis, care, and treatment of congenital, acquired, and traumatic diseases of the arterial, venous, and lymphatic circulatory system (except the coronary arteries and intracranial vessels) and primary treatment and management of vascular abnormalities and injuries in soft tissues and internal organs and the relevant blood vessels and nerves (except the brain and spinal cord injuries). By understanding and analyzing the causes of physiological and pathological changes, they will be able to perform all diagnostic, laboratory, imaging, and therapeutic measures for patients using invasive, minimally invasive, and non-invasive procedures.



The mission of this course is to train specialists who are informed of updated scientific information, competent, responsive, and sensitive to the health of individuals and society in the specialized field of vascular surgery and will provide the society with their expertise in terms of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, education, and research.
At the end of the program learners will be competent in the following Procedural Skills (Diagnostic Therapeutic Procedures) skills:


Method of Instruction

During this course, various methods and techniques will be used:

  • Various intra- and intersectoral, hospital, interdisciplinary and inter-university conferences as well as seminars
  • Discussion in small groups, workshops, journal clubs and reading groups as well as Case Presentation
  • Participation in training lower ranks
  • Self-Education, Self-Study
  • Other training methods and techniques according to the requirements and objectives


Program Instructors

  • Dr. Mohammad-Reza Zafarghandi
  • Dr. Javad Salimi
  • Dr. Majid Moeini


Program Curriculum

For more information, please download the program curriculum of the Fellowship for Vascular Surgery.


Tuition Fee

$5000 annually - A scholarship is available for top applicant or scholarship is available for current surgery resident each year and applicant from developing countries.


Contact Person

Majid Moeini, Associate Professor of Surgery, Department of Surgery, Tehran University of Medical Sciences



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