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M.Sc. in Clinical and Experimental Neurolinguistics



Offering an interdisciplinary course between the fields of neurology and linguistics, the Department of Speech Therapy at TUMS School of Rehabilitation is now accepting students in the Clinical and Experimental Neurolinguistics program at the Master's level.
In the M.Sc. of Clinical and Experimental Neurolinguistics, students learn accurate laboratory measurement of different components of speech and language, study the complex aspects of their disorders, and become familiar with the methods of identifying these disorders in children and adults. They are also taught laboratory skills and research methods. Establishing this program to increase global knowledge seems essential because of the fundamental differences in the components and structure of speech and language in different languages. Additionally, it should be considered that natural indicators and criteria of this skill in biological and pathological aspects are determined according to the natural characteristics of speakers of any language.
Students, by employing laboratory equipment, learn how to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice and gain necessary knowledge and skills about problems, features and disorders of language. In addition, by relying on the knowledge of neurolinguistics to explore the general parameters of speech and language as well as specific, local characteristics of language disorders, students undertake research on normal language and its disorders.
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