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Clinical Dermatology Program


Program Description


On behalf of the Organizing Committee we cordially invite you to the 1st Summer School of the Dermatology Department of Tehran University of Medical Sciences to be held in the Razi hospital, Tehran, between 1st and 14th July 2018. The theme of this educational event is "The diagnosis and management of common skin diseases". The main course would be attending in Razi hospital outpatient clinic with more than 300 patients per day with different types of skin disorders. We have also diseases' specific clinics for psoriasis, autoimmune bullous diseases, phototherapy, alopecia areata, mycosis fungoides, and leishmaniosis.


Contact Person

Dr. Maryam Nasimi

International representative of the Dept. of Dermatology Tehran University of Medical Sciences-Razi Hospital

Tel: (+98) 21 5561 8989



Program Objectives


The aim of the program is development of a thorough knowledge of the common skin, its appendages and mucous membranes diseases, and the acquisition of clinical and technical skills in the management of diseases related to the skin. At completion of training, an attendance must have a useful knowledge and understanding of:

  • Clinical skills in diagnosing common cutaneous disease (skin, mucous membranes and appendages) by the use of history, physical examination and pertinent investigative procedures
  • The cutaneous manifestations of systemic diseases
  • The formulation of an appropriate differential and provisional diagnosis
  • Dermatopathology and immunodermatopathology
  • The development of an appropriate treatment plan taking into

consideration the patient’s age, general health, risk and cost of therapeutic interventions and epidemiology and natural history of the disease


Method of Instruction


  • Lectures
  • Clinical Course
  • Clinical Round
  • Morning Report
  • Outpatient Clinic


Program Location


Razi hospital


Program Director


Dr. Donya Alinejhad


Program Instructors

Dr. Maryam Ghiasi

Dr. Maryam Nasimi


Program Instructors


Faculty Members of Departments of Dermatology in Razi hospital


Numbers and Dates


Number Of Positions Offered 5
Program Duration Two Weeks
Program Start Date July 1, 2018
Program Finish Date July 14, 2018
Application Deadline April 30, 2018
Tuition Fee € 200


Who Can Attend


Residents of Dermatology and Dermatologists




Although the summer school is primarily directed to young dermatologists and residents of Dermatology, it will also serve as a refresher for more experienced community and hospital - based colleagues.


How To Apply


All applicants should apply online. Please note there is no in-person admission. You can fill in the Online Application Form and upload all the required documents. For more information on online application procedure please contact


Visa Application


TUMS will assist you in obtaining your visa after you are admitted. All international students are required to obtain a student visa from the Iranian Consulate/Embassy in their home country before departing for Iran. After we receive your completed Visa Application Form (VAF), at least 6 to 8 weeks should be allowed for the completion of the visa application. Student will enter Iran with a one-month visa. After visiting their school and familiarizing themselves with the schedule and surroundings, students will be accompanied to the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology in order to extend their student visa (if necessary).




If you require accommodation, you will be given the opportunity to use our international dormitories located close to campus in Tehran at student rate.