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Department of Pediatric Dentistry


Pediatric dentistry is a branch of dentistry dealing with children from birth through adolescence. Pedodontists promote the dental health of children along with serving as educational resources for parents.

Department Activities

Department of Pediatric Dentistry has three main goals:

A.    Education: We provide basic and advanced education for undergraduate and postgraduate dentistry students and fellowships of “Hospital Dentistry”.

B.     Research: The department is deeply engaged in the research projects leading to the scientific development of pediatric dentistry.

C. Treatment: The department of Pediatric Dentistry offers treatments of young patients from birth to adolescence and parental education under the supervision of the scientific members of the department. The department is equipped with an operating room for providing dental treatments under general anaesthesia/ sedation setting.

You can find more informations about the course details here.


Faculty Members

Dr. Bahman Seraj, DDS, MSc


E-mail:  serajbah@.tums.ac.ir


Dr. Alireza Heidari, DDS, MSc

Vice-Head for Educational Affairs

E-mail:  ar-heidari@tums.ac.ir


Dr. Ali Baghalian, DDS, MSc

Vice-Head for Research

E-mail:  abaghalian@tums.ac.ir


Dr. Mahdi Shahrabi, DDS, MSc

Post-graduate Director

E-mail:  mshahrabi@tums.ac.ir


Dr. Shabnam Milani, DDS, MSc

Vice-Head for International Affairs

E-mail:  sh-milani@tums.ac.ir


Dr. Hossein Afshar, DDS, MSc

Fellowship Director

E-mail:  afsharho@tums.ac.ir


Dr. Ahmad Jafari Ghavamabad, DDS, MSc

E-mail: ajafari@tums.ac.ir


Dr. Sara Ghadimi, DDS, MSc

E-mail:  sghadimi@tums.ac.ir


Dr. Shahram Mosharrafian, DDS, MSc

E-mail:  sh-mosharrafian@tums.ac.ir


Dr. Saeide Mokhtari Khoei, DDS, MSc

E-mail:  smokhtari@tums.ac.ir


Dr. Razieh Khanmohammadi, DDS, MSc

E-mail:  r-khanmohammadi@tums.ac.ir


Dr. Ghazaleh Bani Ebrahimi, DDS, MSc

E-mail:  gh-baniebrahimi@tums.ac.ir


Dr. Roshanak Montazeri Hedeshi, DDS, MSc

E-mail:  rmontazeri@tums.ac.ir


Dr. Donya Alinejhad, DDS, MSc

E-mail: d-alinejhad@tums.ac.ir


Contact Person for International Affairs

Dr.Shabnam Milani

Vice-Head for International Affairs

E-mail:  sh-milani@tums.ac.ir


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