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School’s Research Centers

Medicinal Plants Research Center
The Medicinal Plants Research Center is an organization which especially works in the field of plant examination to pursue the following goals:
  • Development and application of pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacognosy, traditional medicine, complementary medicine and relative sciences
  • Performing basic research on medicinal plants in order to respond to the needs of the community
  • Collecting, organizing and classifying documents, and papers related to medicinal plants and traditional medicine, and publishing them in various forms such as books and papers
  • Plant collection from different parts of Iran and the study of plant distribution in the country
  • Collection and identification of medicinal plants and providing Herbarium specimens
  • Investigation of genetic structures of plants and plant tissue cultures
  • Extraction, purification, and identification of active compounds of medicinal plants
  • Investigation of biological, toxicological, and pharmacological effects of medicinal plants and their active compounds
  • Investigation and study of traditional medicine and indigenous medicine 
  • Standard assay of herbal medicines using qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Carrying out research projects in the field of herbal medicinal products and new formulations of effective drugs with fewer side effects 
Medical Biomaterials Research Center (MBRC)
During the last thirty years, there has been a significant progress in education and research in the field of biomaterials. The Field of biomaterials consists of various areas such as polymers, ceramics, metals, composites, etc., for which many universities around the globe have established new departments or research centers. Due to the importance of this field, some of our professors and researchers, from the Schools of Pharmacy, Medicine, Dentistry, Biophysics & Biochemistry, and Veterinary, established a Biomaterials Research Center (BRC) in 2006.
As biomaterials science is expanding dramatically in the field of medicine and pharmacy, Professor Ismaeil Haririan established, for the first time, a new Ph.D. course in "Pharmaceutical Biomaterials" in 2011. Many students have shown their interest in this Ph.D. program. As such, besides Tehran University of Medical sciences, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences and Zanjan University of Medical Sciences started to admit Ph.D. students in this new field, i.e. Pharmaceutical Biomaterials. 
Following the start of this Ph.D. course, a new "Medical Biomaterials Center (MBRC)" was established in 2013 in the Biomaterials Research Laboratory of the School of Pharmacy.
Research graduates from this biomaterials field will be involved in education, research, executive and consultative activities of universities, pharmaceutical industries, cosmetic industries, and healthcare industries.
Nanotechnology Research Center (NRC) 
The Nanotechnology Research Center (NRC) at Tehran University of Medical Sciences was founded in 2005, aiming to develop fundamental research and make efforts to meet the needs of the Iranian medical society in the field of medical nanotechnology. The center intends to employ specialized personnel as well as provide required facilities and equipment for research via establishing a laboratory network. The center focuses on experimental research and developments in the field of nano- and biotechnology. Its main objective is to support the fundamental research in relation to the priorities of NRC. Using nanotechnology for diagnosis and treatment of cancer, preparation of drug delivery systems by using nanotechnology, and the study of the nanostructures with medical application are three main priorities of research in this center. The center brings together faculty members and students from the Schools of Pharmacy, Medicine, Public Health, Dentistry, and the School of Engineering. The center enjoys financial support from the Ministry of Health and the Medical Education Fund. It has organized some workshops, published 170 papers in international journals and supported more than 35 research projects and dissertations in the field of medical nanotechnology.  
Pharmaceutical Science Research Center (PSRC)
PSRC at Tehran University of Medical Sciences was established in mid 2003. PSRC tries to increase interest in research among students, recruit and support researchers at all academic levels, conduct both fundamental and applied (practical) research in different fields of pharmaceutical sciences, and promote research methods and training. The center's present activity is mainly focused on research in different fields of pharmaceutical sciences, but the center is going to establish related departments.

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