Department of Anesthesia Technology




Departments of Anesthesia Technology & Operating Room

This Department aims to provide efficient individuals to assist anesthesiologists, recovery rooms, surgeons in operating rooms, and work under their leadership.


Faculty Members & Affiliations:


  • Fariborz Mehrani, M.Sc. in Anesthesiology

           Lecturer, Head of Anesthesia Technology Department

           Tel: +9821-88982905-145



  • Saied Vahedi, Pharm.D.

           Lecturer, Head of Operating Room Department

           Tel: +9821-88982997



  • Afzal Shamsi, Ph.D. in Nursing Education

           Assistant Professor

           Tel: +9821-88982997



  • Nayereh Sadat Rouhollahi, M.Sc. in Nursing (Medical Surgery)


           Tel: +9821-88982837



We offer M.Sc. degree by course in Anesthesia Technology. The research interests are as follow:

  • Health and Safety
  • Medical Equipment
  • Professional Ethics

All interested applicants are welcome to apply to TUMS by completing and submitting TUMS online application form in which they need to specify their school, level, and major of interest.


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