Endodontics is the branch of dentistry which is concerned with the morphology, physiology and pathology of the human dental pulp and periradicular tissues. Its study and practice encompass the basic clinical sciences including biology of the normal pulp; the etiology, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases and injuries of the pulp: and associated periradicular conditions.

The scope of endodontics includes:

  • The differential diagnosis and treatment of oral pains of pulpal and/or periradicular origin;
  • Vital pulp therapy such as pulp capping and pulpotomy;
  • Root canal therapy : access preparation, cleaning & shaping, obturation of the root canal system, selective surgical removal of pathological tissues resulting from pulpal pathosis, apicoectomy, hemisection, and root amputation;
  • Intentional replantation and replantation of avulsed teeth
  • Endodontic implants,
  • Bleaching of discolored dentin and enamel (teeth);
  • Retreatment of teeth previously treated endodontically,
  • Treatment procedures related to coronal restorations by means of post and/or cores involving the root canal space.


The department of Endodontics in Tehran University of medical science, international campus, was found in January 2011 with one faculty member, Dr.Fatemeh Dibaji and on 20 February 2011, by teaching Theoretical Endo I course to the first group of this college students,class of 2007 were studying in the 7th semester, began to work.

By opening the next semester in September 2011, the first group of students began practicing at pre – clinic. In that time Theoretical Endo II course was also taught to them. In this semester by providing material and instruments endo clinic began to work. In January 2012 the first group of students, class of 2007, began practicing in clinic. This group had preset program, requirement and patient records. In the same time the second group of students, class of 2008, joined the department to learn Theoretical Endo I.

In September 2012, the class of 2007 students began practicing in clinic for Practical Endo III course and the class of 2008 started pre – clinic and respectively Theoretical Endo III and Theoretical Endo II were taught to each of the classes.

By the end of January 2012 the class of 2007 students practiced at clinic for Practical Endo IV course. In September 2013 this group of students finished comprehensive care in endodontics department.

Five theses were defended by the first group of students and two others will be defended in spring 2014.

This department already has six faculty members who work eagerly to rise knowledge of students theoretically and practically.


Patient Care

Services Provided: Because this section is principally an educational place, patients interested in receiving dental care are primarily selected on the basis nature of their problems and of their teaching potential. Patients who are accepted for care are treated by dental students under the supervision of faculty dentists.

Some potential patient’s endodontics problems may be too complex for students to manage and may be referred to specialty clinics for screening and or treatment.