Department history

In 2011, the department of Prosthodontics of International Campus officially began working with the attendance of the first group of students in the  preclinical course of removable complete dentures. Despite of all sensible shortages in the newly instituted school, students passed the course successfully due to the generous time and efforts spent by Dr. Tahuri and Dr. Abolbashari and late technician Ms. Saghi on their training and the unrestricted co-operations of the Dean of the school in providing facilities. Today with the increasing number of professors and better equipped laboratories, the quality and quantity of education at this department have improved even more.



Prosthodontics is a branch of dentistry, in which lost teeth and adjacent tissues are replaced by artificial substitutes. It has three subcategories: removable complete dentures, removable partial dentures and fixed partial dentures. Diagnostic, laboratory and clinical steps of all three are taught in this department during 3 preclinical and 8 clinical courses. In the fourth semester students learn the basic science of anatomy and morphology under the supervision of the prosthodontics department. In the fifth semester they pass the preclinical course of removable prosthodontics. From the sixth semester up to graduation, they treat patients with the need of prosthodontic treatments in each semester. In the seventh semester students pass fixed prosthodontics preclinical course. In the ninth semester they treat patients in need of post-core crown treatment and in the next semester they treat patients in need of bridges. They also learn about maxillofacial treatments and the science of implant dentistry.

The department is located on the first floor and the laboratories are on the underground floor. Students treat their patients from 9 to12 AM and 13to15:PM. Patients are admitted at 10-11 AM for oral examination. Everyday two students under the supervision of predetermined professors, examine patients for removable and fixed prosthodontics treatments. As prosthodontics treatments are the last treatment being done for the patients, all other treatments like restorations, root canal therapies and periodontal surgeries should have been done first. Otherwise the patients are referred to the proper department. The department has 23 dental chairs in whole.

On the first day of entrance, students take an exam, testing their theoretical knowledge of treatments they are going to deliver. However they always practice under the supervision of their instructors and mentors. Students are ranked according to their knowledge, hand skills, and behavior toward patients.  


Department Activities


At the beginning of their education in the prosthodontics department, students learn about anatomy and physiology of oral and perioral structures, like teeth and the way they occlude, oral and facial muscles and the temporomandibular joint. Also they become familiar with different dental materials used in various prosthetic treatments and biomechanical rules governing construction of prosthesis.

During their courses, students learn theoretical diagnostic, laboratory and clinical steps of treating completely edentulous patients with different amounts of bone resorption, with delivering complete dentures for them. In addition, they may reline and repair the dentures, which make them better prepared for future clinical practice.

Students also learn to design and carry out different laboratory steps of making removable partial dentures for patients with different numbers of tooth and amounts of tissue loss.

In the fixed prosthodontic section of the department students learn how to prepare teeth for receiving fixed partial dentures. When a patient has lost one or two adjacent teeth and still has teeth on both sides of the edentulous space, students provide them with bridges which are cemented over abutment teeth. Badly destructed teeth are treated with crowns that lay over prepared teeth. Root canals are used to gain retention for the crown, if the tooth has received root canal therapy.



Faculty members of the department and students actively participate in congresses and seminars by poster and/or oral presentations or co-operation with committees. They also conduct researches in different fields in prosthodontics. 

Although improving physical and mechanical properties of restorative and prosthetic materials has always been the main goal of researches in the prosthodontic field, at the student level, comparison of the properties of different materials, their applications or longevity is more of concern.

The department holds open lectures for students and faculty members of other groups too.



Innovation in methods and materials is a long term goal for the department of prosthodontics.


Services to the patients

Complete dentures for both arches

Removable partial dentures for either arch

Post- core crown for teeth that undergone root canal therapy

Fixed partial dentures for with a limited number of missed teeth bounded by natural teeth

In special situations, students may do repair or reline of complete dentures.