We provide basic and advanced education for under and postgraduate dentistry students. The TUMS Periodontics Residency Program is a three-year, full-time specialty-training program. It is designed to provide an advanced level of education and clinical experiences in Periodontology for highly qualified graduate dentists who are interested in a specialty career.

Department Activities

Scientific activities of the department of periodontics:

  • Holding the department monthly meetings to inform educational and research problems
  • Holding research methodology workshops for the scientific members
  • Holding article writing workshops for the scientific members
  • Daily Case presentation classes
  • Offering research proposals common to other departments
  • Articles and book publishing
  • Participating in internal and international seminars
  • Participating in Periodontology annual congress
  • Participating in different health councils
  • Judgment of specific dental crimes in medical council and Tehran court.
  • Participating in journal of dentistry of TUMS
  • Board membership
  • Holding retraining workshops for dentists