Student Research Center



The Student Research Center of School of Dentistry Internatonal Campus whit the aim to organize research activities by providing appropriate condition for research, innovation, creative thoughts and spreading the culture of research education research technique, create a logical relationship between instructor and students to collablrate on research projects that formed and focused their activity in different branches in order to achieve these aims.

The General Objective:

  • Promoting knowledge, attitude and performance of student in the school about research.
  • Strengthening scientific growth and pratical capability in conclusion and benefiting students from medical sciences.
  • Providing students to participate in scientific-research institution in the country or abroad.
  • Optimization of qualitative and quantitative research activities of college students.
  • Encourage students to conduct innovative projects and activities.


The specific Objective:

  • Teachig and counseling to the students for be aware of the resources needed, as much to gain the ability in order to conduct research project from writing proposal, up to complete the project
  • providing appropriate situation for encoyrage students with the aim to participate in conference, congresses and conduct research project
  • Organizing research workhshops
  • Holding the journal club
  • supporting and appreciating the student researcher
  • Mutual relationship with research cnters and uses the facilities and capabilities of the other research center
  • Supporting active students who are interested to participate in scientific conferences in the country or abroad
  • Motification regarding the time of holding domestic and international congresses and conferences