TUMS Faculty Members’ Proposed Courses and Research Projects

(Advanced Courses & Research Projects)


Dear esteemed colleague:
We  would  like  to  thank  you  for  providing  an  opportunity for  TUMS  globalization  efforts.  The  objective  of  TUMS  Faculty  Members’  Proposed  Courses  and  Research  Projects (Advanced  Courses  &  Research  Projects) program is to bring interested International students to TUMS.

Please forward your Research/Course Proposal including the following information to us:

  • Name of the contact person. This person will be listed as the contact person for your program (phone number, email address).

  • Name of your Program.

  • Is this a degree program? Will students receive a degree/certific

  • ate after completion?

  • Description of your Program.

  • Duration of your Program (start-finish).

  • Number of International Students requested.

  • Applicants’ requirements (degree, level, previous experience ...).


  • Is it necessary for the student to be paid or will the student pay a fee?

  • Please explain, in detail, fee per student.

  • Do you provide funding? (If so for how many students).

  • Do you need funding? (Please be specific and explain in detail).

  • If you are offering a course, can its tuition be waived?

All  of  our  marketing  efforts  will  be  focused  on  international  students;  please  provide  your  information  in  English.