By definition, Prosthodontics is the dental specialty concerned with the making of artificial replacements for missing parts of the mouth and jaw (Mariam Webster). The replaced parts generally called as Prosthesis that should restore function, esthetic and quality of life of the patients.

Prosthodontics treatments fall into different categories including:

  • Removable partial denture (prosthesis for complete edentulous and partial edentulous patients)
  • Fixed partial dentures
  • Implant prostheses
  • Maxillofacial prostheses

-          The department of prosthodontics provides teaching and training to predoctoral and postgraduate students in separated clinics. The postgraduate program includes a three-year international master program in prosthodontics and clinical specialty training leading to a certificate in prosthodontics and a Master of Science degree. Program is designed to provide residents with the knowledge and skills to meet the high standards for certificate in this specialty. In addition, the program may be modified to fulfill international interests, goals while standard requirement for the certificate is maintained.        

  • Our advanced program includes extensive didactic, clinical and laboratory training offered in conventional and modern prosthodontics, esthetic, implant and digital dentistry. Residents have opportunity to perform comprehensive treatment in a multidisciplinary team involved with all aspects of the oral rehabilitation.
  • We believe that the major strength of our program is extensive and diverse patient population in the clinic and close supervision of the top faculties with diverse expertise covering full range of prosthodontics fields. Additional strength includes research facilities and technical support available within the department and through the University.

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