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The Brilliance of Iman Noori the dental student of international campus at the 44th International exhibition of inventions Geneva 2016

the Attainment of gold and silver medals by Iman Noori the Iranian researcher and student

Iman Noori with the collaboration of the student of Shahidbeheshti University presented “QR-UAV” at the aerospace domain and “SPS-MEMS” at the Medical domain after competing with more than 1000 invents and products from 48 countries succeed in achieving gold and silver medals and the attainment to our country.

In addition this exhibition is under the patronage of the Swiss Federal Government, of the State, the City of Geneva and of the World Intellectual Property Organization - WIPO and The International Jury made up of 82 specialists that judge each invention exhibited and select a number of them for prizes and awards.

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