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Department of Medical Ethics

Educational Department (Table)

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Department of Medical Ethics

Medical Ethics










2. Name of the Department: Department of Medical Ethics

A brief explanation about the Medical Ethics Department  

Department of Medical Ethics was established in 1384 by Dr, Emamy Razavi after Ministry of health and medical ducation enactment. From 1387 to 1390, Dr. Larijani was the head of the department and from 1390 on Dr. Nayyeri is responsible.


Our activity:

  1. Revision of Medical Ethics Course for MD students
  2. Establishment of MPH course in Medical Ethics in 1384. Twenty four students were graduated.
  3. Establishment of PhD course since 1387. Twenty one students are studying.
  4. Revision of the PhD curriculum
  5. Compilation of the Medical ethics curriculum for pharmacy students.
  6. Teaching medical ethics for under and post graduate students of the TUMS
  7. Compilation of the medical ethics curriculum for post graduate residents of medicine in different specialties


 Degree offered:

MPH degree in the past; PhD degree from 1387

PhD Course Description:

  1. Medical information systems
  2. Law & medical law principles
  3. Rules & principles of medical jurisprudence
  4. Professional ethics
  5. Theoretical basements of Islamic ethics history
  6. General medical ethics
  7. Methods of teaching & learning in medicine.
  8. Advanced  biostatistics
  9. Medical jurisprudence
  10. Ethical decision making  in medicine
  11. Ethics in health care administration
  12. Ethics in medical education and research
  13. Ethical observations  in relationship between physicians and patient
  14. Ethics in the beginning and end of life
  15. Medical ethics philosophy
  16. Comparative medical ethics in Islam and other religious and secular trends.
  17. History of medical ethics in Islamic civilization
  18. Medical sociology
  19. Qualitative methodology


Department’s faculty members, their academic position, contact info. And research interests:

  1. Fariba Asghari; Associate Professor; Tel: 021 66419661; Email:
  2. KiarashAramesh;AssociateProfessor;Tel: 021 66419661;Email:
  3. Pooneh Salari; Assistant Professor; Tel: 021 66419661; Email:
  4. SeyedMahmoudTabatabaie;Professor;Tel:02166419661;
  5. Fatemeh Sadat Nayyeri; Associate Professor Tel: 021 66419661;
  6. Bagher Larijani; Professor; Tel: 021 66419661;



3. Department’s Journal: Journal of Medical Ethics & History of Medicine

The Journal of Medical Ethics and History of Medicine is the official scientific publication of the Medical Ethics and History of Medicine of Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

Physicians and health practitioners always deal with ethical issues in treatment and management of diseases. The advent of new biomedical technologies further complicated the moral and societal issues of medical research and practice. Religious and cultural differences more emphasize the need for nationalizing this knowledge. The Journal of Medical Ethics and History of Medicine (J Med Ethics Hist Med) is an opportunity for healthcare professionals as well as theologians, philosophers, and sociologists to present and discuss their ideas from several aspects in relation to medical ethics and bioethics. In addition this Journal traces its roots to several aspects of History of Medicine which further emphasizes on Iranian and Islamic era.

The J Med Ethics Hist Med, is a peer reviewed Journal, which provides an opportunity for scientists and researchers of this area. The papers should be coordinated with the title of Journal framework for publication. It is essential to consider the originality of the papers and the contents have not been nor will be published elsewhere in any form or language. Author(s) are responsible for the whole concept and recommendations. All manuscripts should be submitted via or by email to

Journal indexation: The J Med Ethics Hist Med is indexed in PubMed, Scopus, CINAHL, DOAJ, etc.



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