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Department of Neurology

Welcome to the Department of Neurology, Tehran University of Medical Sciences



The Department of Neurology of Tehran University of Medical Sciences was founded more than 30 years ago in order to improve the neurological patients’ health care and to establish well-organized research and education in the field of Neurology. This department, organized into 3 clinical divisions in the largest hospitals affiliated with TUMS, provides patient care with more than 130 beds, various out-patient clinics, and neurophysiology and neurosonology labs. With different referral clinics and special diagnostic facilities, the mission of the department is to reduce the burden of neurological disorders through research, education, and patient care.


Today, the Department of Neurology includes both 17 neurologists and subspecialists in different fields such as multiple sclerosis, neuromuscular, epilepsy and neurovascular as academic faculty members. The academic staff consist of four full professors, five associate professors and eight assistant professors in Imam Khomeini, Shariati and Sina hospitals who take part in a full range of clinical, research and educational activities. The Department of Neurology runs three independent residency programs in the above mentioned hospitals and enrolls 12 new residents and trains over 60 medical students each year. Apart from the currently active multiple sclerosis fellowship program, the epilepsy and electrophysiology fellowships are presented by this department. Our residency program is highly acclaimed and considered as one of the best in the country, offering the opportunity to work with leading neurologists and researchers in the country.
Each year, the department provides care for more than 6000 admitted patients and about 18000 patients in the outpatient-clinics and performs more than 3000 electrophysiological and neurosonology tests. The department is honored to be ranked as one of the best-performing educational centers in the country due to the multiple educational programs, patient care and research activities. 

Faculty Members

  • Dr. Sanaz Ahmadi Karvigh
  • Dr. Roya Abolfazli
  • Dr. Siamak Abdi
  • Dr. Amir-Reza Azimi
  • Dr. Farzad Fatehi
  • Dr. Mojhdeh Ghabaee
  • Dr. Majid Ghaffarpour
  • Dr. Mohammad-Reza Gheini
  • Dr. Hossain-Ali Ghlichnia
  • Dr. Askar Ghorbani
  • Dr. Mohammad-Hossain Harirchian
  • Dr. Mahmoud Motamedi
  • Dr. Shahriar Nafissi
  • Dr. Ali Okhovat
  • Dr. Mohammad-Ali Sahraian
  • Dr. Payam Sarraf
  • Dr. Hajhir Sikaroodi
  • Dr. Abbas Tafakhori
  • Dr. Mansooreh Togha

Research Centers & Laboratories

  • Iranian Center for neurological research,
  • MS Research center